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Placement Rate Formula

d. [J]ob placement rate in the field


An institution has a system in place to assist with the successful initial employment of its graduates. The institution must verify the employment no earlier than 15 days after employment. At a minimum, an institution maintains the names of graduates, place of employment, job title, employer telephone numbers, employment date and verification dates. For any graduates identified as self-employed, an institution maintains evidence of employment. Documentation in the form of employer or graduate verification forms or other evidence of employment is retained.

The method of calculation, using the reporting period July 1 through June 30, is as follows:

(F + R)/(G-U)=P%

F = Graduates placed in their field of training

R* = Graduates placed in a related field of training

G = Total graduates

U** = Graduates unavailable for placement

P% = Placement percentage

*Related field refers to a position wherein the graduate’s job functions are related to the skills and knowledge acquired through successful completion of the training program.

**Unavailable is defined only as documented: health-related issues, military obligations, incarceration, continuing education status, or death.


Excerpted from http://www.abhes.org/assets/uploads/files/17th_Edition_Accreditation_Manual_4-2-2013.pdf, page 73.